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Edge of Ruin are a metal band from the Berkshire / Buckinghamshire regions in the south-east of England preparing the follow-up album 2011’s EP: ‘Last Line of Defence’. Bassist Owen Padfield describes working on the project:

It is an extension of the band’s sound; offering more songs to the listener than on the previous release.

Time and attention was given to arrangement and we introduced some new elements which include clean guitars and fretless bass.

Our approach to structuring the songs is new: some songs place the listener on a journey. It seems to veer from the anticipated direction, but ultimately there's a satisfying pay-off.

Lyrical themes include: the fetishisation of economic growth, lucid dreaming, religious fanaticism and more broadly, man’s passive acceptance of the ‘powers that be’.

Formed in 2011, when Chris ‘Ozzy’ Osborne (guitar) and Damean Berry (drummer) moved to Maidenhead, Berkshire after leaving college. The duo sought members for a thrash metal project with influences from Slayer, Testament, Exodus and Lazarus AD. After several incarnations, the line-up wrote and recorded their first EP ‘Last Line of Defence’ within two weeks with Matt Kempton (former Burn From Within) on vocals. Line-up changes followed and settled with Chris, Damean, Matt and Owen Padfield (bass) for extensive gigging across England in 2012 and adding Dave (second guitar) in May.

As a five-piece band, Edge of Ruin was ready to create new songs adding to the set ‘Suicide Powder’, ‘Thieves’ and ‘Distribute the Wealth’

Gigging continued in 2013 and the band reached the final for bloodstock’s ‘Metal 2 the Masses’ Reading competition. Increased demands on rehearsal time and technical playing ability saw the band part ways with Damean who was replaced by Tim in October.

In 2015 Dave decided to leave the band permanently citing an intention to form his own band.

'Look out for local heroes Dark Karma Soul, Strike Offensive, Edge of Ruin, Karrion, Ded Orse and the Reaper.'

Hels Greenleaf (Sororis and former InComa vocals) interview

'[About Suicide Powder]: A really good song and we thought - right, we have to up our game now’'

Simon Hall, 02Jul14 (Black Emerald bass/vocals and reviewer at Planet Mosh), Black Emerald interview for Kaoskrew UK

Put simply; I'm surprised we still have a ceiling, both the band and their loyal following never fail to entertain

Steve Smith (Steve Smith Presents) report following a show at the Anchor, Maidenhead

Started: 2011

Release name: 'Last Line of Defence'

Release date: 2011

Genre: Thrash/death metal

Members (current):

  • Matt Kempton - Vocals
  • Chris 'Ozzy' Osborne - Guitar
  • - Guitar
  • Owen Padfield - Bass
  • - Drums

Hometown: Maidenhead

Record label: Unsigned

Bookings: bookings@edgeofruin.co.uk

Influences: Slayer, Anthrax, Testament, Sabbat, Exodus, Lamb of God and Machine Head